“Four tiny flying creatures with big ears. Having big ears doesn't mean they'll listen when asked to stop attacking you."

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June 2017 Clash of Clans Update

Hey guys!  Fancy Fire Spirit here with my first ever Clash of Clans post!  Yes, I know, Fire Spirits aren't in Clash of Clans, but in all fairness I only really got back into the game after its latest major update—the addition of the Builder Base—and by that point, my name was already all over... Continue Reading →

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Summer of 2v2 Event

Hey guys, it's the famous Fancy Fire Spirit here for a post on the Summer of 2v2 Event coming to Clash Royale in July.   First of all, this event has been confirmed by the Clash Royale Team.  They initially said that they would only do it if the past week's "trial run" with the 2v2... Continue Reading →

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June 2017 Clash Royale Update

Howdy guys, Fancy Fire Spirit here with the sneak peeks for the June 2017 Clash Royale Update!  Over the past few days, Supercell has been releasing these sneak peeks and info on the latest Clash Royale content coming in this new update.  So, with that, let's dive in to these additions!   Sneak Peek 1... Continue Reading →

Clone Spell

“Turn this Spell into a pop-up army! Clone Spells create a circle of spawning that creates limited-lifetime copies of troops that enter it. It will only spawn up to a maximum housing space of troops.”

6/12 Balancing Changes

Hey guys, Fancy Fire Spirit here with info on the newest Balancing Changes coming to Clash Royale on June 12.  A number of cards are being rebalanced in this update, including a nerf of the newly-released Night Witch and some changes to various spell cards.  So, now let's get into the details, as released by... Continue Reading →

Clash Royale Tips Part 3

What is going on guys, English Pastry here with some more tips after a little while without any. These tips are mostly random placements or tips for some cards that can help you, especially on defense. So, here they are:   Bowler Defense: The bowler can completely kill a goblin barrel without having the crown... Continue Reading →

Deck Building

English Pastry here with a new guide: The Deck Building Guide. In this guide I will be showing you guys how to make a good deck using some guide lines. In a later post, I might show you guys the more advanced way to make a deck. Until then, though here is how to create a... Continue Reading →

Night Witch

“Summons Bats to do her bidding, even after death! And if you get too close, she isn't afraid of pitching in with her mean-looking battle staff."

No-Legendary Balloon-Rage Cycle

Hello, my name is English Pastry (as always) and today we will be checking out this balloon cycle deck as our no-legendary deck of the week! This deck was first shared by Pompeyo, one of the top players in the world, and has caught on to some people, such as youtubers Clash with Ash and... Continue Reading →

Mass Hogs TH 7+8 War Army

Hey, what is going on everyone, English Pastry here with my first post for clash of clans! This post I am going to do a guide on a TH 7 and 8 war army that is easy to use,     and is very effective if you use it correctly. It works very well against... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, English Pastry here with a guide to the new leagues introduced to Clash Royale. Let us see what they are all about!   These leagues are unlocked at 4000 trophies and way above, so it gives you a reason to push high again! They have the same chest stats and arena, but you... Continue Reading →


"Don't let the little pony fool you. Once the Prince gets a running start, you WILL be trampled. Does 2x damage once he gets charging.”

Battle Ram Control

Hey guys, it's Fancy Fire Spirit, back with another deck for the Inbox.  This deck took me up to Arena 7 quite easily, and then I used it in Royal Arena for a while as well.  And probably the best part is that it uses the newly-released Battle Ram!  But anyways, I won't do any... Continue Reading →

Battle Ram

“Two Barbarians holding a log charge at the nearest building, dealing significant damage if they connect, then they go to town with their swords!”

Draft Challenge

Hello everyone, English Pastry here with a guide on the draft challenge. This is a temporary challenge that sometimes comes to Clash Royale.   Prizing: Classic draft challenges have the same prizes and cost as a classic challenge, only the first one is usually free. Grand draft challenges have the same prizing and cost as... Continue Reading →

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